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There is nothing more important in real estate than being informed. We have compiled an entire knowledge center to help you in your real estate ventures.

5 Costly Mistakes When Buying Government Foreclosures

If you're looking to save money on purchasing a house, foreclosures are a great way to go. However, even if you find the property for free (which you can do on there are still very costly mistakes that most people make.


New Jersey Foreclosures For Sale

The number of foreclosure sites online that tout their data as flawless are innumerable and 99% of them are flawed.  The agenda of the information provider can not be overlooked. If their attempts to sell their foreclosure listings slow in a particular area like New Jersey they are likely to indicate that the market has slowed in order to create a greater need.

This is not indicative of all foreclosure information but the agenda of the information provider is directly connected to the information they present., the only free source for a comprehensive list of foreclosure homes in New Jersey is a free foreclosure list provider and therefore their data is believed to be more accurate than any other site.


HUD Housing

Contrary to popular belief HUD (Housing and Urban Development) does not mean low income. HUD now insures mortgages beyond the 700,000 dollar mark. HUD does a great deal more than single family homes in the poorest part of town. HUD is an essential part of our housing market. Without HUD the average cost of a down payment would be out of the reach of most Americans. This is not to be confused with Subprime mortgages that created more problems than solutions.


HUD Homes Listing

HUD listings are in constant fluctuation depending on how many lending institutions are foreclosing on how many houses in a given time frame. Even with the TARP (troubled asset relief program), federal funds allocated to banks and mortgage firms for working with home owners to avoid foreclosure, the number of foreclosures is constantly on the increase.

Before HUD lists the property for sale it of course has taken title to the property and paid the lending institution for their loss on the mortgage. But


HUD Foreclosures

HUD (Housing and Urban Development) is the recipient of all the FHA insured homes in the United States and its territories. This means that whenever a home buyer purchases a home with an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) insured loan and the home owner stops paying the monthly mortgage payment HUD will eventually take possession of the house.

HUD takes possession only after the home owner has let the house go to foreclosure by not


What is A HUD Foreclosure Home?

In 1999, many things changed with regard to the way HUD sold homes as HUD moved toward the privatization of its effort to sell its inventory of foreclosure homes. As a result, you can now find a list of HUD foreclosure homes on the internet, pick one out that you like and buy it - right? Well, not exactly, but we will offer you some specific pointers for navigating the maze and the myths of HUD foreclosure homes.


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